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Welcome To 

Hidden Gem Events

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our website, we look forward to seeing everyone at our future events!

We started Hidden Gem Events back in March 2022, however we are no strangers to markets or organizing various events!

Our passion is to help offer more platforms and opportunities for the vendors to showcase their products/businesses. From; handmade, homemade, homegrown, small businesses and so much more. We strive to provide a vast selection for people to shop from.


Who is Hidden Gem Events?

The Owners/Operators behind Hidden Gem Events are David and Victoria Chester. Their daughter, Ashley, assists behind the scenes handling a multitude of various tasks. 

David and Victoria have been in the "market scene" for almost 30 years. Many of which were them attending as vendors themselves, before advancing into the event organizers they are today. Ashley has grown up in the "market scene" and using her familiarity, has assisted in producing online application forms, feedback forms as well as designing this very website! 

This family run affair is something to be enjoyed by all! At each event, there is always something for someone. Young and Old, there is no shortage of entertainment, goods and food! Come stop by one of the upcoming events and be greeted like family!

Want To Be In The Know?

  • All our upcoming events can be found under the 'Upcoming Events' Tab

  • Hidden Gem Events is proud to be the host of the Monthly Chilliwack Emporium! You can visit the 'Chilliwack Emporium' Tab for more information

  • Our "Current Event" Tab will give you all the exciting details on the closest event to you! 

  • We have a multi-social media presence! Follow our Facebook and Instagram (linked below) to keep in the know!

Contact Us With Any Questions

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